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Coffee and Shakespeare

I've officially reached my coffee limit and someone might need to bring me food in the near future.

I've been wanting to write a blog like this for awhile, but I've never been able to start it quite right so I give up at the beginning and just default on saying something derpy.

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There's always been a scene stuck in my head ever since I could remember. It's the scene right before Romeo kisses Juliet for the first time. He wants to kiss her, but Juliet makes the remark that 'palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.' To her, touching hands is just as intimate a kiss.

If one of my stories contains a love story. I want it to contain the intimacy of not touching. Does that make sense? Probably not. Let me try again.

There's a moment in attraction when you look at the person and you can feel the need to kiss them. The desire and the want and every little bit that comes along with it.

Drag that feeling out.

Suddenly, a simple kiss after what feels like an eternity of waiting is far more passionate than if they had merely kissed when they first felt the briefest inclination.

Why make them wait?


Simply, once they kiss it's all over. The whole 'will they?' 'won't they?'. The suspense is gone. That feeling in your gut right before you actually kiss for the first time. It'll never happen again.

You have the memory, sure. Memories are great. But the feeling. The intimacy of not touching. That's gone. There is no more mystery and there's no more suspense. From that point on it's a whole different ball game.You have a possible relationship to worry about. Things the two people have to talk about, feelings that have to be addressed.

The mutual unaddressed attraction is no longer an issue. Its lost it's magic. The intoxicating feeling of a secret that only two people share is gone.

The intimacy of a shared secret is exposed and leaves the two people involved rather raw. They are left with the choice of action versus inaction. Neither one is sure of the other. There's a new step to the dance. No longer safe, it brings with it the terror of rejection. The fear of being hurt.

Before that it's just an idea. A wonderful possibility.

Those are the types of romances I like to write. I don't know why.

Now, I'm not saying that my opinion makes any of the other romances invalid. On the contrary, they're all beautiful in their own ways.

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