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Today is wednesday and I am sat at work, In an office, Drinking tea.

I have only currently worked 1 hour and 26 minutes and I am incredulously bored. But hey that's work.

I have decided to take a short break to escape my current surroundings as I have become suffocated by them. I am leaving Sunday evening or Monday morning, I am yet to decide. I have taken days off work and it's my time to escape.

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I couldn't be more excited.

My route:-

First point of call Maidenhead.

Family live here, and I am grateful that they are happy for me to pop in and say hello, and have offered that I am free to spend the night if necessary.

Second stop Oxford

Ive never been to oxford, and although I live next door to Canterbury, I am sure that there will be delights for me to see here. Oxford has always appealed to me.

Third stop Stratford-upon-avon

If I'm going to be writing daily blogs, I need to make sure my grammar and punctuation is all in check. So of course just being in the town where shakespeare lived will inspire me to write.

Fourth stop Market Harborough

Once again, family are here. I have yet to contact them, but I am sure they won't mind me popping to say hello. I'm not sure if this will be the place I stay for the night. But I have been here before, it's a beautiful town with amazing views etc. So I am very much looking forward to taking photos and enjoying time with family.

Fifth stop Cambridge

I can't wait to see this beautiful place. I have never been, but I have heard that it is a stunning place and I honestly can't wait. I will be taking lots of photos and making sure I explore.

Last stop Home (Ramsgate)

Finally, back home to my current surrounding Ramsgate. I have lived here all my life and although stunning in it's own way. I am hoping I can escape to a new surrounding where I can feel lost and learn new things from a new place.

I will be trying to blog every day, but dependent on Internet status, I will do my best.

Thanks for reading. By the way, I have finished my tea whilst writing this, so am now going to make more.

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