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I recently spoke at a Womens Retreat entitled Keep It Real.Womens Retreat! The retreat was two days of powerful motivation and inspiration for women to accept their true identity and walk in it! It was a call to get real..in other words, to thine own self be true.

While there, I talked about something that has truly resignated in my spirit this entire year. It involved the necessity for us to move beyond our search for Titles into a place of agreement with our assignment in this life. I run into people all the time, who desire to gain their specific degrees, get promoted to manager, director, etc. They spend countless hours doing things necessary to gain the Titles they feel are associated with authority, notoriety, or prestige; however, they rarely address the assignment that comes with those titles.

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It concerns me that so many people want titles, because of the feeling that comes with it or the notoriety that comes with it, but rarely because of the assignment that comes with it. In the church, people seek to become Ministers, Elders, Pastors, etc. In the marketplace people want to be known as the CEO, President, Manager, etc.; however, we rarely see people who seek to do the work without the title.

Your assignment in life is greater than any title that you can ever receive. Jesus asked, Who do you say I am? He was able to ask this question, because he realized that his work spoke volumes about who he was, not his ability to wear a title. Your assignment, or your purpose in life, as I like to call it, will speak for itself. In fact, people who are always seeking the title, but have no works to follow, are ineffective. They never provoke the real change that needs to happen in the lives of others. They are the leaders who people don't want to follow, who delegate their duties and assert their position thru force.

Individuals who receive their assignment in life are passion-driven, sacrificial, persistent, and diligent in their work. They know that their life has a meaning that has been established..ordainedby God. They don't need a title to do they work, they simply need an opportunity. They realize that their assignment or purpose is an office assigned to them by God, and that they are equipped to carry it out.

I recall watching Oprah one day, and someone asked why she would not run for president. She explained that she was able to do more, and make more of a difference as Oprah Winfrey than carrying the title of President of the United States. She realized the restrictions that come with some titles, especially if the title is not given by God.

When I became a Womens purpose life coach and motivational speaker people who had always known me remarked, That is so you, Detrell. I ran into an old friend on last week and she said, I always knew you would be doing something like that, because that is who you always were. You don't need a title to start doing something that makes a difference; you simply need to understand your God Ordained assignment on this earth. You have to know that you we're called and chosen by God to be and do something great. When I say Great, I don't mean by mans standards. Your great work might change the life of 10 who end up changing the life of millions, while someone else might have the assignment to feed the worlds hungry, or teach, preach, build, empower, etc. Whatever your call, don't waste your life seeking Titles to impress men. Seek to connect with the assignment attached to your life, and your work will speak for you.

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