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I don't know about you, but I've had my fill of 90 plus temperatures this summer. Fall is finally around the corner, and with cooler days comes (sound the trumpets!) fall fashion.To celebrate, I'm givingyou the rundownoffall's biggest trends.

#1 Jewel Tones

Each season we await an intriguing color story and this season did not disappoint. This Fall we're trading brightsand neons for gorgeous jewel tones in berries, deep blues, and emeralds. You'll find these irresistible hues in leathers, velvets, silks, and tweedsany fabric or texture your heart desires.

#2 Baroque

Add a touch of ladylike opulence to your fall wardrobe by going baroque (no pun intended). Adorn yourself with colored jewels, metallic brocade and lavish prints. This look works well when paired with other ladylike details such as lace or silk or when juxtaposed to edgy leather and deep jewel tones.

#3 Leather

I'm sure by my mention of how well leather pairs with falls biggest trends that you know by now that it is, in my opinion, falls biggest trend! This fall is all about leather tops and bottoms, subtle leather details and jewel tone leather. Leather gives you the perfect opportunity to create unexpected pairings such as ladylike goth, or naughty meets nice. One of my favorite things about personal style is the unexpected. So have fun with it!

#4 Mixed Textures

Trends are sometimes less about what you wear, but how you wear it. This fall, create interest with your ensembles by mixing various textures, from your clothing to your accessories. Leather with chunky cable knits, silks, and lace are just a few of my favorite combinations. Tweed with leather details, metallicsand suedes will certainly draw your eye this fall.

#5 The Pant Suit

We're not saying goodbye to mixed prints just yetit's far too fun. We are, however, trading some mixing for matching with this season'spant suit trend. If you're feelingbold, try a matching printed pant suit. Whether solid or printed, the pant suit is always afunctional addition to your wardrobe.Be sureto choose colors, prints, and fabrics that tie back to pieces already in your closet. Pant suits are definitely an investment piece so be sure to maximize your cost per wear!

Stay tuned for tips on how to incorporate fall's biggest trends into your wardrobe!

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