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Review Lord of the Abyss

Typically I associate a few things with novels of this author, an almost overwhwelmingly complex plot that is almost always just the tip of the iceberg of some much deeper sinister plot that always has some deep yet completely understandable political undertones that boils down to the same singular natural emotion fear. ALL Of her novels boil down to fear for me. At their core it's about protecting and saving power to stave off potential unwelcome advances from others so that whomever the main characters happen to be or whatever their paranormal inclinations are, they can survive. It all boils down to fear for me.

Perhaps that's why her books always ring true, and are very well written. Is there any more understandable and basic emotion than fear? So maybe that's why this didn't ring true for me, because the base emotion was redemption? Or was it greed? Maybe that's the issue, I couldn't distill the base emotion and so while it was a well written, enjoyable, action packed, somewhat tender, and heartbreaking while super cute novel, I just didn't sense the depth and the heart that I have come to expect and look forward to with her novels.

Aside from that, the characterization of the Lord of the Abyss as a lost man with essentially no real memories other than "knowing" how things we're done, and knowing certain things, yet remembering really nothing of importance was fantastic, chilling and sad all at the same time. My heart ached for him, and for Lilliana who through no fault of her own, took the guilt of her father's many heinous actions into herself, and continuously attempted in small ways to subvert him and over throw his rule, despite intimately knowing exactly what he was capable of. I fell in love with these two and wanted nothing more than for them to end up happy and together, I was just slightly disappointed in how that occurred.

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