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The London Ice Sculpting Festival

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I went along to the London Ice Sculpting Festival earlier today but I wasn't expecting hundreds and hundreds of people and queues stretching what almost seemed like a mile long. Thankfully it was probably the quickest moving queue that I have ever been in and I was in within 10 minutes or so.

Before joining the queue though, as a taster of what was to come upon arriving at Wood Wharf, there was a Graffiti Wall where you could scribe your own bit of art onto the wall of ice. I particularly liked the heart and the peace signs above that had been carved. I managed to capture them just before an over zealous toddler being guided by her mother was about to ruin it with her pick.

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That's the thing about ice art, the actual sculpture itself is very temporary, which is a shame as some of the pieces on show we're brilliant. Although capturing them on camera is a way of preserving them. I particularly like the two above from the USA team, made up of Reverand Butter (Elephants) and Buddy Rasmussen (Dragonfly).

The London Ice Sculpting Festival is now in it's 3rd year and showcases the best in ice sculpting from around the world. Today (Sunday) was the final day and it was 'free-style' time. Each country had two sculptors creating a sculpture live in front of the crowds and the public we're able to vote on which ones they liked best.

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