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Drops & Props Canada started off as Lucid Printing, established in 2014 by Lucid Photography. Physically located in Calgary, Alberta yet providing shipping all around Canada and the US.
One of the founders of Drops & Props Canada is Rita, a full time studio Photographer. As such, she mainly works out of studio and is in constant need of different backdrops, floordrops and props for her shoots. The high shipping rates from quality vendors in the US and other parts of Canada, the crazy exchange rate and the low quality of the folded Chinese vinyl drops have made the decision to invest in high end printing equipment as the only option that made sense.
Since founded, hundreds of backdrops and floordrops have been printed; dozens of drops have been shipped throughout Canada successfully and numerous of happy clients have been using Drops & Props Canada. Drops & Props Canada carry a variety of photography props and are always on the look out to get new props.
Using only the best quality materials for printing, Drops & Props Canada offers high end backdrops and floordrops. While offering a huge variety of backdrops and floordrop designs they also offer custom printing for no extra charge.
Fast turnaround time of 2-6 days, confirmation of each and every order that comes in and great customer service is among other things that Drops & Props Canada prides itself with. Different payment methods are another aspect our clients value when dealing with Drops & Props Canada.
For more information or to place an order please do not hesitate to contact Drops & Props Canada.

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